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PowerCore Technology Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co.. Ltd. Through the Power8 processor license from IBM, we are developing our own processor. 

Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co., Ltd. (苏州中晟宏芯信息科技有限公司) is situated in Suzhou National New & High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (SND), about 30 miles west of Shanghai, China. It strives to build a world class company to be one of the top players in the fledging Chinese chip market while specializing in Power server architecture.

We are putting together the first chip R&D team which will be working in collaboration with OpenPower Consortium and IBM Corporation.

PowerCore Technology will develop and market processors for server innovation in areas of Big Data, cloud computing and next generation data centers.

The development of the processor is based on Power8 architecture and we are currently looking to hire architect, logic, circuit, integration, and design automation engineers with skills and experience in chip design.

We invite committed contributors and innovators to our adept team. This group will be working on large complex chips with leading edge fabrication technologies such as 22nm, 10nm and beyond. 

Our parent company, Suzhou PowerCore Technology Co., Ltd., is located in Suzhou National New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone(SND), about 30 miles west of Shanghai. Founded in 2014, It aims at building a world-class server chip design team to be one of the top players in the fledgling Chinese chip market, and one that specializes in POWER architecture.

​WHo we are

AN OPEnPOWER FOundaTION platinum member

We research, develop, innovate, and work on many aspects of the leading edge server design.

we believe in a unique and challenging personal experience for each employee.


​​​PowerCore Technology Corporation

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